Why Sourja Integrated Solar Street Lights

When deciding on whether or not to use solar street lights, it’s important that you weigh its benefits compared to the currently available solutions.

The Benefits

Using our integrated solar street lights have a number of benefits over conventional mains powered street lights.

  1. Quick and easy installation –

Sourja solar street light has its own power source, from its own solar panel to its own battery, so each one can operate independently of other street lights. This eliminates the need to dig trenches so that electrical cables may be laid down to connect all lights; This also means that the work areas will have a smaller footprint, which will cause little to no disruption in the businesses in the area and everyday lives of the people living there.

  1. Low long term costs –

Once installed, a solar street light requires very little maintenance compared to conventional lights. This is mainly because of the simpler set up of each solar street light, which means that it has less chances of failure over time. Using LEDs also means that these will be able to provide bright lights far longer than other types of bulbs available in the market today.

  1. ZERO Operational cost –

Since the light’s source of energy comes from the Sun, the power source is practically free. This eliminates the huge costs of powering street lights from the power grid.

  1. ZERO Cabling cost –

Ideal for new projects. No hassles of going through time taking process of getting power connection from the electricity board. No need of cabling, install the lights and start using immediately.

  1. Lower initial cost

The upfront product costs can be greater especially when replacing lights that currently run on mains power. However, once seen from a long-term standpoint, the potential savings from using solar street lights far outweigh the initial costs.

Overall, the advantages of solar streetlights far outweigh the disadvantages, especially if you are looking for a lighting solution that has lower overall costs, is environmentally friendly, and lasts a long time.

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