Why Solar Street Lights

Road luminaries ensure safety in residential areas, on traffic roads and on paths. But they also offer more: they lend landscapes, towns and cities a new appearance in darkness. Our aesthetically sophisticated, compact and robust integrated solar powered Street Lights guarantee optimal lighting even under adverse conditions.

Under the present scenarios Lighting Designers also have an added responsibility to ensure that good energy saving and reduced energy consumption methods are adopted in urban street lighting so as to bring in large scale reduction of CO2 emissions and follow the green energy steps  and  commandments for a safer earth and betterment of the mankind.

The Sourja has designed and developed appropriate Integrated Solar powered LED Street Lights which gives the motorists and pedestrians glare free illumination, provide visibility under extreme conditions like fog, high speed and open sky darkness during night.

What Sourja Integated solar street lights offers

Our aesthetically designed Integrated lights reduce initial capital investment and the operational cost is zero as they are solar powered. Our luminaries use high lumen to watt ratio to give excellent road uniformity. Sourja ISSL identifies Day & Night automatically and the motion sensor provides additional features.