What Sourja Offers

Sourja is leading integral lighting solutions provider for professional exterior lighting applications. The company’s own sales team, lighting experts and designers provide professional lighting consulting, design assistance and comprehensive services.

Lighting for Facades

At nightfall, building facades are transformed into objects of art. They emphasise architectural features and render any building a real eye-catcher.

Lighting for Trees and Gardens

Only the essentials are seen, and night-time walks become unforgettable moments for visitors. Illumination for trees and gardens provides additional safety and security.

Lighting for Stairways

Stairs during the day are primarily useful, but at night time can become a source of danger. Hence steps must be clearly illuminated to minimise the danger of injury.

Lighting for Pedestrian Zones

Different styles of urban architecture demand different outdoor luminaries in pedestrian zones. The perfect illumination of pedestrian zones must therefore primarily be reliable.

Lighting or Statues and Fountains

With sophisticated designs and flexible use, statues and fountains become what they should be: impressive elements of design.

Lighting for Commercial Spaces

Large areas such as plazas must be reliably and safely illuminated. One of the main characteristics of good lighting in this sense is easy maintenance of the luminaries.

“An intelligent, resource-saving combination of facade lighting meets functional and aesthetic requirements, creates new urban spaces and lends a unique quality to architecture at night.”