What Sourja Integrated Street Light offers

Light for safety and security

Outdoor lighting is subject to exceedingly difficult conditions which we can’t change. But we can develop outdoor lighting that operates reliably and efficiently night for night in even the most adverse weather conditions, supplying light for safety and security.

Residential Streets

Attractive during the day and bright at night: with the designing of residential streets, the lighting solution must not only ensure safety but should also blend perfectly into the architectural surroundings, distribute a positive atmosphere and also increase the quality of life.

Public Areas

Security is of prime importance with public car parks and rest areas. Pedestrians can suddenly appear behind vehicles or quickly cross the road and often the field of view is limited. Reliable, long-life lighting can help to minimise such danger sources

Cycle Paths

The bicycle is becoming ever more popular – and this means that cycle paths are also gaining importance

Residential Areas

Paths in building complexes have to be illuminated with sufficient light sources. SOURJA luminaries not only look good, but are bright enough to ensure safety and also economy of operation. And on top of that, they are also very tough, defying wind, weather and children at play.

Business Parks

Light as an individual business card: shopping complexes, hospitals, office complexes, heritage buildings and hotels and restaurants benefit from our customizable lighting solutions.

Large areas must be reliably and safely illuminated. One of the main characteristics of good lighting in this sense is easy maintenance of the luminaries.

What Sourja Integrated Street Light offers