Why Exterior Lighting

Facades & Architectural Lighting

People find the nightscapes around them created by illuminated building facades. These facades make easy point of reference, convey messages, communicate emotions and create attention. Contemporary lighting solutions create added value by making a location more beautiful and safer, showing a building off in the right light or getting a positive image across.

The number of buildings that have illuminated facades is increasing sharply. Because of architectural, societal and technological changes, lighting design faces new challenges. Saving energy is an omnipresent challenge; facade lighting must therefore get to grips with ecological compatibility issues. All lighting requires increased expenditure on energy. Light that is not properly directed onto a façade is perceived as distracting and an unnecessary waste of light. Sourja is striving for optimization of architectural lighting solutions in urban settings. The ultimate goal is obtaining the best possible efficiency from lighting.

Why Exterior Facade architectural lighting

Responsibility Nature, Resources and the Environment

Resource Saving Lighting

Sourja Solar powered LED lighting Solutions exploit the possibility of providing aesthetically elegant, resource-saving lighting that costs relatively little. Poorly planned lighting affects the aesthetic appearance of nocturnal (night-time) landscapes as well as creatures that are active at night, such as insects and migrating birds. Large portions of the deployed light often miss the façade and the luminance levels used are often considerably higher than necessary.

Offering safety

Illuminated facades help make visitors and passers-by feel more secure. Dark areas where people could hide are lit. This also militates against vandalism. Lit parking spaces and residential/ company premises are really inviting. Vertically illuminated surfaces are, assuming identical luminance, perceived as brighter than horizontal illumination. Precisely adapted light intensity blends the building seamlessly into its setting. Passers-by feel more secure.